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Last full day in Haiti and back to the cold weather we go. Today was full of more deliveries and visits. Mattresses, chairs, and food went to families we had visited earlier in the week in the surrounding communities.

Every time we stop children quickly find us and dresses, shirts, wooden toy cars, jump ropes and bracelets are given away.

One of the most impactful visits I have been on happened today. An older gentleman asleep on his mat when we arrived greeted us with smiles and stories. He is in his 80s and talking with him it seems that his family is not in the area and that he was put in his hut made of sticks to “live.” He had not eaten before we arrived and has a skin condition that causes him to lose pigment. He sang with us, prayed with us and when we tried to leave pleaded through tears for us not to leave him. We took pictures and video to share when we get home. The impact of this visit is hard to explain but it was God’s plan for us to be there today. Our initial plans to visit a waterfall were changed and I’m convinced it’s because He had a different plan for us and this man was one part of it.

We also visited a young woman that was being cared for by her father and a neighbor while her father goes to work in the garden. She was so very thin and is living cognitively impaired. Monica gave her a water and she drank the entire bottle without taking it away from her mouth. We left more water, rice, powdered milk, spaghetti noodles and some cookies in her home for her.

Another day where there are not enough words.

Bondye beni ou! 


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