Members of the Sunnybrook team have been in Haiti for less than 48 hours and already God has been using us for so much. It is impossible to document every ounce of good that has been done in this short time, but these are a few highlights that have been the biggest impact for the team thus far.

First and foremost, one woman came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior on Thursday. Through the wonderful people who followed God’s calling, and Many Hands for Haiti, a woman who was given the gift of food, said she did not know Jesus, but asked us to come back another time. Well, that time was last night and she came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior. This just shows you what a Mighty God we serve and how you can make a difference in other people’s lives.

Today, we were blessed with the opportunity to pour a concrete floor. Many of you may not realize that so many Haitian’s live on dirt floors. They eat on dirt floors. They sleep on dirt floors. They birth children on the dirt floor of their home. This family consisted of a mother, father (who is working in the Dominican Republic), a 4 year old girl, and an 8 month old boy.

All of the materials used to do this concrete floor were purchased locally. What you may not know is the rocks used in the concrete mix were from the mountain, broken into smaller rocks. The sand was purchased from a woman who harvested it from the river. A local mason crew was hired and the Sunnybrook team helped lessen their work load and allow them to get home a little earlier. More importantly, we changed the lives of this one family. We were able to improve their living conditions giving them the opportunity to have a healthy life. The amount of joy this family showed could not be expressed but we all experienced it.

The story that seemed to touch the most of us today was witnessing a mother and her twin boys meet the woman who funded a new home for her family. The woman who funded building her home felt that she did nothing more than listen to Jesus and she did not want any recognition for it, but to the woman who was able to meet her ‘blessing from Jesus’ in the flesh, it was everything. The emotions we experienced during this moment cannot be explained, only felt. The pictures below will show you the house this woman lived in before compared to the new home she was blessed with.

The team also was privileged to distribute food to 9 different families in the area surrounding Pignon today. Each team member experienced something different with each family. The blessings cannot be counted. God’s work is being done by this wonderful team from Sunnybrook and Many Hands for Haiti. It has been extremely eye opening for everyone here.

We are all learning something new, whether this is our first time in Haiti or a repeat visit. God is good all the time! We cannot wait to see how He works in us tomorrow and the days to come. Until then, good night (a 5:00 am hike is on the schedule for some of us tomorrow)!!

Bethany and Sharon


  1. Steve Gast

    We are really proud of the great work the entire team is doing! It is amazing to see God’s hand in progress!!

  2. Steve Gast

    Way to go Sunnybrookers!!!

    It has been cool following your trip blog!


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