They have been out and very busy in the community of Pignon. These are the highlights of the Sunnybrook team so far:

Day 1

We went into town and purchased 75 bags of rice and 15 bags of beans plus oil, spaghetti and bullion. We broke them down to distribute throughout the week. The team broke up into groups doing construction and organized for VBS. After dinner we broke into men’s and women’s small groups to do bible study.

Day 2

Some of the group laid two cement floors. Some did more construction and woodworking. A couple installed irrigation for the new plantain field. Some helped at the Thrive for 5 center. A couple took a young neighbor boy to have foot bandaged at the hospital. After lunch construction continued, some made rice deliveries and a couple did home health visit to a paralyzed mom with a new baby. After dinner we did Bible study again.

Terry Koertner with a Haitian family

Day 3

Since it was Saturday morning, 6 of the team climbed the mountain early. When they returned, the whole group headed to the market to purchase supplies for VBS and shoes and clothes for our Matabonite plans. We had an unfortunate event in that one team member’s wallet was stolen in the crowded street of the market. Earlier in the day boxes had to be sorted out for scheduled pickups to get their Meals from the Heartland allotment. Since Saturday mornings the cooks are shopping for the groceries and supplies, we had lunch at a restaurant in Pignon. Then we headed to Matabonite and shared songs, bible stories, games and snacks with about 180 kids. It was a lot of fun for all of us. We spent the night just visiting and organizing VBS supplies.

Group overlooking valley after VBS and scholarship kids processed at Guimby

Group overlooking valley after VBS and visiting scholarship kids at Guimby

Day 4

It’s Sunday, and went to church at UCI and enjoyed visiting with two other teams that were staying at UCI. We had a tour of their campus before a great lunch. Some construction jobs were done as well as 10 rice deliveries all around the area. Some very hard circumstances were witnessed including finding a man who had been laying on a dirt floor without clothing and paralyzed for 15 years. The guys made a floor covering with the shirts they were wearing and the nurses along did some basic first aid. He was also prayed for as well as leaving food. Follow up will be done as well as getting him a bed. The night ended with bible study and fellowship with local Haitian friends.

Sunnybrook still have a few more days left on their trip which will keep them very busy. We are thankful for their work so far.