Sara Anderson, Team Lead for Education for MH4H, shares a beautiful photo update of some of the children in our sponsorship programs. 

Hello from Haiti. It has been five wonderful, jam-packed, life-giving, awe-inspiring days in country. As I take in the beautiful faces of the children we serve, I keep coming back to the sobering truth that these are God’s children. We have the joy of joining their life story through programming and sponsorship; yet they are truly the Lord’s.

I am reminded that as sponsors, we are stewards. A steward: someone who protects or is responsible for something or someone. In our case, those ‘someones’ are these beautiful children.

So, I take this moment to shout out a HUGE thank you to our sponsors and all that they have given to allow our ministry to come alongside these precious souls. These kids are growing in every way. The following are some of the pictures I have taken during my visits to all of our programs:


Class in Savanette


Child Sponsorships are available: View Child Sponsorships