The School of Light has officially started the new school year. Some of the students confidently strode on the Many Hands campus and into the preschool where they hung their backpacks on individually labeled hooks. A few were lead by hand to be shown where to put their belongings or where to sit for breakfast. One boy proudly clutched his bag upside down, while another little girl cried at being separated from her mom. Teachers taught the children how to wash their hands with soap before parent volunteers handed out peanut butter sandwiches and clean water to each child. The two age groups recited a prayer of thanks to God  for their food and the school before being separated into their classrooms to start the day’s lessons. 

Uniforms and supplies were given out the previous week

Meeting her new teacher a week before school

Day One of School

PS1 Classroom

PS2 Classroom

Who said there’s a specific way to wear a backpack anyways?

Baby-Love loves to act silly for the camera

Liz taught the kids how to wash their hands

The older students helped teach the younger ones how to brush their teeth

This guy missed the ground when spitting out his toothpaste #learningcurve

Oscar was super excited all week to go to school


Please keep these children in your prayers through out the year. Pray they will grow in stature and health. Pray that they will do well in school as they learn intellectually and develop healthy relationships. Pray also for the parents and teachers as they teach these little ones in word and deed.