We went to the market as we do every Saturday. We bought pineapples, bananas, oranges, cookies, cinnamon, Tampico, millitoe, Tupperware, buckets, coffee pot,  just a normal day at the market.

Tim meeting with Burns, Construction Coordinator for MH4H.

Appolon has not been feeling well. His neck glands are swollen and he has a sore throat. The medicine he has is not working. He went home at noon to rest. Please pray for the health of our team, as we really lean on them when we are in country. We sat and talked with Pastor Francois at the Philadelphia Baptist Church. He is a very wise man with lots of direction.

Tim meeting with Ebens, Manager, Pignon Programs for MH4H.

Our good friend Woodson hung with us today…….it was the first time this week we spent time together. With so many people in town for the market, we see a lot of good friends.

It is raining again tonight…..the roads are muddy……..Craig and I slip and slide on our motorcycles as we haul Christie and Lucia around. It is fun to see who can miss the most mud puddles. We have all fallen in love with Kiki……..he is Joseph’s youngest. He is so cute…….15 months old……..lives downstairs so we see him every day. I will get a picture on tomorrow’s blog.


These two are BAD to the BONE. The motorcycle gang.

Gotta go…….church tomorrow……and then a good old fashion bar-b-que at our friend Nino’s house. As I have said before…….we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Good night from Haiti.


Tim Van Maanen