Thomas Dykstra shares about Third Church Team’s eventful day in Haiti full of God’s marvels and blessings. The team has been busy hiking, attending church services, watching soccer games, and gifting food and prayers to those in need.  

As I searched groggily for my phone at 5:00 am, blaring the opening number of LaLa Land, I had no idea what this day had in store. Our sleepy-eyed group stumbled into the back of the truck and were on our way. Standing in the dump at the base of the mountain, the morning fog hid the peak of the mountain from our view. To put it simply, the trek up the mountain was a great workout for our cardiovascular system (but entirely worth it, nonetheless). The trees dripped morning dew down our already sweat-soaked backs as our feet struggled to grip the slippery rocks.

Third Team resting on a mountain

Our guides, and dearest friends, Richelin and Kennedy, had enough mercy to (briefly) pause for our un-acclimated, wheezing lungs. During these brief moments, we soaked in every drop of our water bottles and the beautiful sights of the valley. I am proud to say that we did make it to the top. As we sat there, watching the sun and fog rise from the valley, Christi shared with me an interesting analogy. In Creole, “achte” means “to buy” and “rachte” means “to redeem.” The similarity in pronunciation and definition between these two words is impossible to miss. It is a great reminder that God’s children are priceless and that He has redeemed us all. 


The mountain hike was only the beginning of our eventful day. Church was wonderful. With over an hour of song and worship, I witnessed the entire congregation sing their hearts out for the Lord. Their energy and passion was truly contagious. And I definitely think our churches should take note and use an accordion more often in our worship.

Third Church Team worshiping with the Haitians: 1000 Reasons Why


Pastor Lumanes

After church we stopped in downtown Pignon for a bite to eat at a restaurant, where we learned that Haitian coleslaw in much spicier. We headed back to the compound to prepare for our next project. Richlein is a very compassionate and personable individual, and knows practically everyone in town. He picked five families to receive satchels of food. At each home we brought beans, rice, spaghetti noodles, and cooking oil.

Third Team with Andre Delivering food to the people Taking food to families in need

After presenting the gifts one family at a time, we were able to sing and worship with the families, and then pray for their specific prayer requests. All these families were dealing with extremely difficult situations, whether it be medical, spiritual, relational needs or all of the above.

Third Team praying for this woman as she grieves the loss of her husband Praying for Andre Pierre who has been sick for 3 years Prayers for a troubled wife Heal this woman legs

I know that many of us were impacted by hearing these families’ stories. Photos of some of the families have been included with this blog, to help us keep them in our prayers to pray for God’s protection and guidance in their lives.

Anytime is a great time for soccer

In the evening we hosted a soccer game at the compound. The teams were boys from a nearby orphanage and boy from our community here. All of them were prepared, marching proudly onto the field with their matching jerseys. It was the game of the century, and I got to watch it all from my private viewing box.

Third Team’s viewing box Box seats are the best for watching soccer

Well I’m furiously typing this blog at 11:50 at night so I think I should call it a night.


God is doing crazy and marvelous things in Haiti, and it is such a blessing to be able to witness it firsthand.