Let me introduce you to Fabnise, my wonderful, giving translator. She is an answer to my prayers! She joyfully translates my teaching with energy and a smile. Having her translate as we pray with the moms is always a powerful time. She is a trained teacher as well, and takes the time to make facts applicable to the mamas as we teach different topics. Her main role in life is a wife and a mother of two cute little girls with another little one coming in Novanm (November)! She has many anointings that she uses to give God glory in her life. One of them is her gift of singing worship. She has an astounding and worshipful voice that causes those of us listening to be brought into the presence of the Lord. I am thankful for her heart towards Jesus and her heart to serve with me here at Many Hands.

Pictured above is Fabnise reading to the children. They absolutely love it! 

Herby, our driver, takes us down dirt roads and sometimes through mud puddles to get to the other centers that are about 2-4 miles away.


Thirteen preschool and grade 1-3 teachers and the principal were part of a celebration of learning after completing the Lead Like Jesus course (level 1) over 5 months. This course helped participants better understand the heart, head, habits, and hands of a leader by looking at how Jesus led his disciples. The teachers were enthusiastic about receiving a certificate and a new personalized journal to record their reflections and spiritual journey.

As part of the last few lessons, teachers and assistants were asked to write up a personal mission and vision statement and their core values. Here is a sample:

Wilnide. My personal vision is a world where we teach the kids the Word of God, teach them so the nation can be changed and so we will have a new Haiti. My perfect world is to lead others in a good path.

Shedeline. My personal mission is to work with the kids so tomorrow they can be someone with value in the society. Give them education and good explanations so they can know that they are the hope of the future Haiti.

Shedeline. My personal values: Patience, love, and integrity.


  1. Ed Starkenburg

    It’s wonderful to see God blessing your work! Thanks for sharing your report. We had a great time visiting with Trevor in California at a wedding. May God continue to bless you and your work!

  2. Kim Starkenburg

    Thanks, both of you, for this update. Our prayers for you continue. We had such a nice visit with Trevor when we were in California. I love keeping up with my “grown up preschoolers”.

  3. Bev Brand

    So good to see all of this! Thanks for sharing…… BEV

  4. Rob Kroeze

    Thanks for the update! Awesome to see the impact you guys are having!

  5. Ronda and Brad Noteboom

    What a treasure to read your blog, and see the many ways of God’s redemptive efforts thru you both, and in you both! The pictures bring that to life. You both look happy and well 💜. Praying for your health and safety, as well as discernment for His steps in this plan! Haiti is a beautiful place with beautiful people and children.

  6. Heather Martin

    May God continue to bless this great work! I am so grateful for your hearts and how you love Jesus by showing up for others.

  7. Sue

    I finally read your blog! This is so fun! You guys seem like you are really getting into the groove of things down there. I love the statement of hope for a new Haiti that loves Jesus and serves him and others. Melissa I got a kick out of the picture of you squished on a motorcycle between two people. You went from a moped to a motorcycle! Keep wearing your helmet sister! Looking forward to reconnecting with you in August.


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