Even with incredibly full work days, Operations Managers Craig and Christi Gabhart found some time to share this update on just some of the happenings in Haiti.

Earlier this week, the Many Hands for Haiti Haitian staff were all gathered in the Equipping Center for a staff meeting.  It was a near perfect setting as the breeze was moving gently through the open air facility with a view of the sky as blue as sky gets. 

As a staff we were sharing some challenges that MH is facing as a result of the work being done for our Do Something Concrete (DSC) program.  We have been hearing there is controversy over the selection process of which families are the recipients of concrete floors in homes around the area. 

We have faced some conflict as a result of the leadership committees that have been formed to participate in the MH leadership development program that began in January 2016 which is also tied into DSC.  MH is working side by side local people that show leadership potential with the vision of helping develop “Servant” leadership skills to serve the country and the people here in a God honoring way.  

A common perception of the country of Haiti is that the leadership in government is corrupt.  There are politics at every level down to a person campaigning to be elected to the office of Kazik, or Mayor, of their community.  We have discovered there are people participating in the MH leadership program that are in politics that may try to use the opportunity for their own gain. 

So we discussed together as a staff how best to handle these situations.  Lumanes, MH4H part time Haitian chaplain, shared some wise words of encouragement.  He said we can see from the beginning of time as displayed through the words in Genesis, conflict ìs part of life especially when we work with people. He reminded us that God can give wisdom to find a solution to a problem and that we all will become better leaders as we look for ways to solve problems.  So we pray and ask God to show us the way.

Lumanes continued, “ Yon timoun selman voye woch yo nan yon bwa kiles fe fri.”
“A child only throws stones at a tree that bears fruit.” 

He was saying that MH is doing good work, bearing fruit, and stones are being thrown our way! You don’t throw a stone at a tree with no fruit! 

Yes, what encouragement!  However, to conclude this part of our meeting Appolon, Leadership Development Coordinator, added that there is a Haitian proverb that says… you solve one problem and another problem is waiting up ahead. 

And that is the reality of life in Haiti.  Even so, we are called to stay the course, let God go ahead and we follow.  We hope to see ‘life transformation in Christ’ in the people we serve as well as ourselves.

Proverb 12 vs 12…

The wicked covet the proceeds of wickedness, 
but the root of the righteous bears fruit.
Many Hands for Haiti is bearing fruit in many different ways by the Grace of God.

Construction has begun on MH4H new Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC)  to open this September with the first 3 year old preschool class ECDC with Gazebo to the right and MH Guest House in the background Agronomy Claudin is teaching during MH new Community Garden program Agronomy helper Odenes is tending the garden that produces food for MH Thrive for Five program Work on a concrete floor for MH Do Something Concrete program begins early in the morning each day MH PET cart distribution matches people with mobility challenges to receive a PET which gives independence and freedom PET carts for kids delivered to a rehabilitation hospital in Cap Haitien A Saturday is not complete without the purchase of a few goats at the local market This woman told a visiting MH short term mission team that she had not made a fire for cooking in 21 days because she had no food to cook. The team blessed her with rice, beans, oil, bouillon, and spaghetti Even better than the gift of food to eat was the food for her soul that the team brought in the form of the written Word of GOD that she could read in Creole Beatris, master cook when short term teams stay with MH, is washing food for the team in the outdoor sink at MH new Guest House Amazing landscape of the Central Plateau of Haiti God is the master landscape artist on top of the mountain in Pignon Little Oscar with 3 of his 8 brothers help their Uncle Ermand butcher a chicken for supper

Ezekiel 17 vs 7 and 8

And see! This vine stretched out its roots toward him; it shot out its branches toward him, so that he might water it.  From the bed where it was planted it was transplanted to good soil by abundant waters, so that it might produce branches and bear fruit and become a noble vine.