Day 3,4,5, all in one.

Sorry for not blogging each day. We have been up early and up late each day. When you are in Haiti without a team……your days look soooo different. Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Haitians love to have meetings! This is a way that they get their voice heard. Each meeting is very structured. We start with a Coke and a cracker. We wait till everyone is done with the snack, then move to each person saying what they have on their mind. Some are serious, some are funny, some are short, some are long, some are LOUD, some are quiet, but, all speak who want to.

Most of our meetings have been about how we, as Americans, can work the best with the Haitian people. Our cultures are so different. Many times what we think should work in Haiti, (because it works in America),  does not work in Haiti! These past days we have dug deeper into the countryside to try to understand the farming practices. We have been learning some of what Haitians do and how they do it is…….just because! Not because it is right or wrong……just because!

This is how you plant a coconut tree – the whole shell goes into the ground!

As we work along side our Haitian team, I am learning what trusting in God really looks like. We have said so many times, when we work in Haiti, we are not only changing lives in Haiti…..we are changing lives in us. This has so true this past week. We have seen God working right in front of our eyes. We have been praying for doors to open……and doors to shut. In God’s timing……we have had one great adventure so far! I have been asking God to forgive me of my unbelief. I must say, as I live in Iowa, I don’t think I really grasp “trusting in God”. My life has always been pretty “cush”. I am learning what it looks and feels like to trust in God every step of my day.

Lucia and O’Denis, one of MH4H farming workers.

Tomorrow is market day. Always a fun day in Pignon. Lots of action, lots of noise, lots of people. I can’t wait! It’s Haiti, we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Tim Van Maanen