Mobility Worldwide is a nonprofit organization that aims to end immobility worldwide. You can learn more about this organization by visiting their website:

There are always two sides to a story. At Many Hands, we get the unique privilege of seeing both sides of this story and being able to carry on the narrative.

In a warehouse tucked neatly into Leighton Iowa, every morning a group of men and women gather together to start the day’s work.  They begin cutting, sanding, and nailing together the wood the the base and seat.  Meanwhile, another team paints the hardware and prepares the wheels, handles, and gears for assembly.  The prepped pieces are brought together to be screwed and glued together to become a humble Mobility carts.  

The team is preparing the wood.

Pieces of cut wood are being screwed together to form the base of the seat.

Here the volunteers are putting together the hardware and putting it on the carts.

A routine day like this for some can produce a changed life miles away.  Many Hands staff Christi Gabhart shared two different stories of recipients of Mobility Carts.

On March 23 there was a truck accident that would forever change Josiè’s life. Josiè’s wife described to Christi how God saved her husband’s life.  Josie’s wife explained that  when he arrived at the hospital following the accident he had lost so much blood she said he should have died. Finding blood in an emergency in Haiti is not an easy thing, but God provided. 

Josiè spent the next two months in the Pignon hospital. He was dismissed last week. This week he received his Mobility Carts. The entire family expressed so much gratitude that their husband/father is strong and healthy. And now he has a huge advantage of mobility with his new mobility cart.

Josiè Pierre, 55 years old, received the gift of mobility one afternoon in Pignon.

Below is another Mobility Cart recipient. This father explained how much his mobility cart meant to himself and his family.  It provides a form of transportation to take his three children to school each day.   He emphasized many times how important the cart was and explained how much he appreciated it. 

The joy that these Mobility Carts bring whether it is in Leighton, IA, or in Haiti is unmistakable.  The workers in Leighton love what they do and are thrilled that what they do helps people directly all over the world.  The people receiving the Mobility carts are optimistic and grateful because the carts can provide a whole new world of opportunities. 

No matter what side of the Mobility Cart you look at, you will find people of God, whose lives are a bit brighter because of some assembled wood, screws, support bars, and three wheels.