At Many Hands for Haiti, it is very important for us to live by our mission statement, “To make God real in a broken world.” For us, this doesn’t just mean Haiti, as we know God truly wants to reveal Himself to many people across the world!

Many times, we get the question, “We know that Haiti needs help, but we have so many people right in our backyard that need help as well. We should be helping them.” We couldn’t agree more! To show God’s love, it doesn’t have to be an “or” statement, meaning one can help people in Haiti or people in the U.S. We want this to be an “and” statement, meaning one can help people in Haiti and people in the U.S. As an organization, we want to lead with generosity for others, as we believe demonstrated generosity begets more generosity. As we are generous to others, people are more generous to us. And all gifts and earthly possessions are merely on loan to us from the one True Master, Jesus Christ, so we need to freely give as He shows us places to give towards.

With this ideal in mind, in 2014 through The Many Hands Market in Spencer, IA, we have given more than $12,000 away to other U.S. based ministries in the Spencer area. Through The Mango Tree in Pella, IA, we have sponsored volunteers to go to Haiti.
Market Year-End Donations

We are so thankful for all the wonderful support from so many donors across the United States. We continue to pray for God’s leading in the stewardship of resources given to us for ministry use. If you feel called to give to us before the 2014 year-end, please click here for general contribution or click here for our 2014 Give-Joy campaign. God bless you and we thank you for all your support.