by Jessica Van Dyk and Jenna Van Maanen, MH4H trip participants

Hello from Haiti!

Today has been great! We were kept quite busy from the moment we woke up.  We ate our delicious breakfast made by our cooks and began our preparation for VBS in Savanette.  We received a phone call informing us of the excited children that awaited us.  We quickly gathered our things and began our trek towards Pella Christian School.  Some of us were even able to ride a motorcycle. Don’t worry, we only had the max of three on these bikes unlike other Haitians we have encountered.

We began VBS with a parachute.  They were absolutely thrilled to hold onto the edges with us and to hide underneath the parachute as well.  They were full of smiles and energy and never wanted to stop!

Our next set of activities was free time filled with painting of nails, bubbles, Frisbee, and dancing!  I (Jessica) have never had more little hands peeking over my shoulders and in my face, waiting to be painted.  Luckily, the Haitians knew great dance moves so that Jenna could join in as well.

Next we read from the Haitian Jesus Bible Storybook.  Lucia and Woody (one of the Many Hands For Haiti translators) read the story of creation to the children and had them do a craft to help them remember what was created each day.  It was fun to help the children with the craft and help them learn the story through a song.  We ended VBS with snack time and giving t-shirts to the kids in the program.  They were so excited to have a new shirt, even though it was way too big for them.

Day 3b

After VBS was done, we headed back to the compound for some lunch and downtime.  Then most of the boys began painting the sides of Zeke and Bebe’s house here at the compound, while the girls headed to the to seal the roof.  We were completely melting in the heat, but continued to joyfully work and enjoy the serenading from the boys. Yes, they know a lot of Disney songs.

After we cleaned everything up, we played soccer as a group.  It was the peanut butter vs. jelly teams competing for the win.  We ended up in a tie when the cooks told us that our goat dinner was ready to be eaten. We thoroughly enjoy being spoiled by these cooks and their willingness to bless us through their meals that they prepare for us!

Tonight we visited the hospital in Pignon to sing and pray with the patients and nurses there.  We thought it was such an eye opener to see how different the hospitals are here compared to the U.S. We were allowed to walk straight into any room and pray for them and their families.  It was a great experience for us to show God’s love and compassion to those who need Him even though they were unable to understand the words in our prayers.

Even though it was a long and hot day, we consistently feel the joy and love from the Haitians that we come into contact with and love seeing friendly faces as we walk through the streets.  We are all doing well and would love for your continued prayers as we finish out the week.  We would share more details, but that would end up creating an entire book so we will end it here. Have a good night!

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