Many Hands and Iowa based fair trade jewelry company, Vi Bella, recently entered a partnership to create new jobs for artisans in Haiti. Read a short summary  about Elirose, a Vi Bella artisan, and how this partnership has impacted her life

Elirose started as an artisan with Vi Bella through the combined partnership with Many Hands that launched in June of 2023. She did not have parents who raised her, and so for her whole life, she has had to fight for herself. She and her husband were married on the Many Hands campus in 2020. Elirose fought for her family, including her three sons, taking odd jobs to help provide income. She has faithfully attended the First 1,000 Days program at Many Hands’ Sylvain campus.

Pictured above: Elirose laughs with co-workers during ViBella’s staff training

The Many Hands staff selected Elirose for the first training with ViBella, and it was a welcomed relief in her efforts to provide for her family. “I haven’t ever found a place to work to help provide for my family. This is one thing I have sought for a long time. But I couldn’t find a job. My family has suffered a lot. We know how it is to go without food. On this day, today, I can say by God’s grace, I have the means to have money for my family.”

Pictured above: Elirose, her husband, and one of their three sons at their wedding

Elirose went through training with eight other Haitian ladies and was selected for a full-time role in making jewelry with ViBella on the Many Hands campus. “The 3-day training I received from ViBella is something that is useful in my life. God helped me pay attention well so I could learn well.” As a member of the Many Hands team, she also attends devotions each morning with the whole staff.

Pictured above: Artisans creating beaded jewelry

Having a full-time position also brings a sense of purpose and renewed hope for artisans like Elirose. She noted, “Before I found work in ViBella, I just sat, and I didn’t have any work. I didn’t have the means to start a business. I can see God beginning to change things because when you are working, you have HOPE for tomorrow.”

Pictured above: Christi Gabhart poses with the new ViBella staff after orientation

Creating jobs for individuals in poverty provides tangible benefits to their lives and the community around them. Now, Elirose can have peace knowing she has steady means to provide for her family. She reflected on her why, “When I come to work again, my family has food to eat. My heart is at ease because I didn’t have this possibility before to do this. I say thank you to God for this job.”

Pictured above: Elirose and one of her sons hold hands

Many Hands is so grateful to work with ViBella to provide this job opportunity to people in our community, providing long-term benefits to the economy and overall well-being of Haitians.


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