Today, we woke up at 4:30 in the morning to go climb the mountain in Pignon. When we got to the start of the trail, we met up with three Haitians that would guide us to the top. They were a lot of fun to hangout with. We took lots of breaks along the trail, but we made it to the top of the mountain. The view was awesome and beautiful. Most of the group that made it to the top got to climb the tower up there, some didn’t go up as high, but some did go pretty far up. After our journey back down we walked to the the Many Hands for Haiti office and got to ride in the truck back to the compound where we changed into work clothes for the next job on the list.

The sunrise at the top of the mountain The town of Pignon from on top of the mountain.

The job was to pour the first of two cement floors. It was lots of work, but fun at the same time. Half way through, Brantley and me got to go with some of the Haitian kids to go fill a 55 gallon barrel of water at the nearby well. The people there we fun to hangout with. We had lots of laughs and Brantley got to try pumping the well and I got to pour the water in with the Haitian kids. We finished the cement floor. After a relaxing rest we set out handing out no-name bracelets, cars, and My Little Pony figures to the kids down the road from the compound, they all like the toys and the bracelets.

After returning to the compound, we got ready to fill the 100 school bags for the Haitian kids that needed them. After a really good dinner, we had a devotion and a discussion called highs and lows. For the highs, everyone thought that the trip up the mountain and the cement floors were the highs of the day. For the low, everyone wished we could communicate with the Haitians in their language, Creole.

One of the recipients of the no-name bracelets. The group packing bags full of school supplies for 100 children. Meeting up with families and distributing no-name bracelets and toys.

In all, everyone is having a blast here on the mission in Haiti. So, now to finish up the day, we are filling the school bags for the kids tomorrow. This has been really fun here in Haiti and I hate to leave, but school waits for me back home.