Gumpel Family Team has just arrived, and they are already experiencing God’s work in Haiti! Overwhelmed with emotion, the team has witnessed the joy of the children despite their difficult circumstances.

Gumpel Family Team en route!

After stepping off the plane, the people of Haiti greeted us; it was amazing! Our group has only been here for a day, and already Many Hands for Haiti has welcomed us as family. Seeing their beautiful campus was a reminder of how powerful our God is. It is refreshing and humbling to see how God is working in all the Staff’s lives.

Today after we unpacked and settled in, we went to the market and purchased food items for later distribution to preselected families. Then, a bunch of the local children from the town gathered, and we set up a huge soccer game. It started raining during the game, however no one stopped playing. There was so much joy on the children’s faces as they ran around chasing the ball. I am so thankful to be here because I know this week will be full of spiritual growth for my group and me.