Growing up as a child in the U.S., I knew what to expect on Christmas  Day – a lot of presents. I was a good boy, so Santa granted me all my wishes. Today, I am in a different world, culture and group of people. Their wishes are different! Where I am at today grown-ups and children are simply hoping to survive another day and for a better day. One of their wishes, which is basically the same wish every day, is to find a meal to eat on Christmas Day. I find these people very special, for they only entertain with their hearts. An African proverb once said, “Poor people entertain with their hearts.”  I see them living life to the fullest with little they have, for in their minds there might not be a tomorrow.

Three of the five new believers that accepted Christ during the week-long programs. Pastor Claudette is in the middle in the blue shirt.

Those who are part of our ministry here in Haiti had the opportunity to witness a different Christmas. It consisted of a week long Christmas evangelical event. We hosted this event in several different sites with the hope of getting to reach more people and to be able to share the meaning of Christmas. It was a success! Each evening we had between 300-400 people come to hear different pastors share the Gospel. During the Evangelical event, we had 5 individuals come to accept Jesus Christ as their savior! It is a spectacular thing when people can see the beauty of life through Jesus Christ and accept it. What an event! All the different Pastors who came to preach did a wonderful job and their messages were powerful.

The kids eating a plate of rice and beans on Christmas Day.

The week concluded with Christmas Day being the big event. It consisted of baptisms, great music, singing, and food. Pastors and their churches were invited to Many Hands for Haiti land to have a big Christmas celebration. Our church has 4 different groups and they all had their own performances. They all did such a wonderful job.

On Christmas Day, many different groups sang for all those who attended.

What made this Christmas different for those that we serve was that it was brothers and sisters working together to make God real. On this day, those who needed to be fed physically were fed; this will allow them to get to see tomorrow to be fed spiritually! This ministry is a two-fold Gospel.


I wish you and your loved ones a very happy holidays and Merry Christmas.


Silentor Esthil-Henderson
Gonaives, Haiti