Written by Dakota and Omar, of the Bethel team from Wayland, IA.


Today the group got up in the normal order. We were not totally prepared for as hard of a day as it was. However, we need not worry. God had something prepared for us. After breakfast, we distributed food. We loaded sixty-five bags of rice and jugs of oil into the back of a truck along with a few bags of beans. We really enjoyed handing out the food and helping the local community with children.

The team in front of the 65 bags of rice, bean, and oil, ready for distribution to our Thrive for 5 families. Woodson scooping rice into bags for the families to take home.

We came back to the dorm for a “quick” lunch. With the guys, we started developing a plan of attack for the afternoons work. The girls went a conference helping teenage women. EDITORS NOTE: The conference was lead by Dr. Karen Cleveland, a licensed Psychologist with Pine Rest. The conference focused on talking to Haitian young ladies about sexual purity, which is not something normally talked about during the conference. We pray roots were planted and these conversations can be continued in the future. End EDITORS NOTE.  Meanwhile, the men worked clearing a patch of ground for use by MH4H. We also got the opportunity to see them opening a well for the community while testing it. We didn’t know what to do because of the heat, when out of thin air, God sent rain telling us to take a break and enjoy a short game of soccer.

Dr. Karen Cleveland speaking to young women about sexual purity. The new well in Sylvain is being tested for capacity, filling up many buckets of water for the community.
Some of the new cuties we found in Sylvain.

Some of the new cuties we found in Sylvain.

Life giving water is flowing from the well at the new ground in Sylvain. The men decided to help clear some ground at the MH4H farm. Their machete skill’s were put to use!

During our break we got to see trenches being built and irrigation taking place. The girls finally came and picked us up during a short rain. Once we got back, we took quick cold showers then hung out until supper. During supper, our conversation was about today and we explained the struggle of using machetes as mowers. The final time we got together today was our recap or discussion time. The last thing we do before bed at night is come out and enjoy the weather and watch the stars while thanking God for everything He has given us and for His blessing this trip with nice weather and not enough rain to stop our days at all.

Who ever is reading, this we pray that God will bless you and ask you to keep us and this trip in your prayers.

Little boys helping dig irrigation trenches in Sylvain. A soccer game broke out, after a hard days work and some rain.