Written by Byron Vander Molen. This is Byron’s 2nd time to Haiti, first time to Pignon/Savanette area with MH4H.

Hello all back home! We had a really good day at the Savanette compound.

Painting ShelvesAfter a breakfast of pancake and spam, the ladies started painting the outside of the dormitory while the guys built shelves for the kitchen storeroom. By late afternoon, the shelves were built, painted, and hung.  We also dug and installed underground electrical conduit between the dorm and the depot.

After an evening meal of spaghetti, we met up with the other team in Pignon and went to the hospital to sing some songs and pray with some of the patients. There were three babies and several adult there because of high fever.  One was in a car accident.

After our time at the hospital, we went to get some really good ice cream in Pignon.

Memories of today include seeing husked corn drying on branches in the trees, a funeral visitation, visiting the site where they place their dead, how some people suffer because of lack of medical skills, and how people are so friendly here.  The kids also know lots of Christian songs; this really left an impression on me.

Continue to pray for both teams (Tim Van Maanen’s team in Savanette and Bev Brand’s team in Pignon) while we spend our time in Haiti.

– – –

After many cancelled and rescheduled flights, this team finally made it to Haiti. Read more about their arrival to Haiti here.