by Jonathon De Reus, trip participant with MH4H 

Today, our team enjoyed another exciting day in Haiti. The day began around 5:00 AM, as several members of our team prepared to hike Mt. Pignon. With sagging eyes and sluggish movements, we slowly dressed ourselves in hiking gear and quietly filled our bottles with water. By 6:00, we found ourselves standing at the base of Mt. Pignon, eager to begin the steep trek up to the top. The hike took us around an hour, as thick over brush and loose rocks covered the path. By the time we reached the top, we were more than ready to catch our breaths. The scenery was incredible. Low-lying fog covered the valley below, and surrounding the valley stood tall, foggy mountains. By this time, people had begun arriving at the market in Pignon, and the sounds of chatter and music could be heard – even atop the mountain. Once we decided our energy had adequately returned, we began the journey back down to Pignon. We found the hike down much easier, and as we hurried down, we managed to cut nearly 35 minutes off the hike.

When we arrived back in Pignon, we met up with the rest of our team and made our way to the weekly market. It was unlike anything we had seen in the states. People aggressively pushed their way through the crowds. If we waited for a chance for the path to clear, we quickly became separated from the rest of our group. Additionally, various sights and sounds, unlike those in the states, quickly filled our senses. Walking through the butcher’s area, we found one Haitian woman ripping into a pig’s carcass. There was no privacy, as blood spilled onto the floor and intestines were hastily torn out and placed into baskets. With the heat quickly rising as the morning progressed, and with no protection from the sun, the scent of raw meat quickly filled the market with a horrible stench.

We returned to our compound around 2:00, and after a quick meal and break, we headed out again to deliver various supplies to some Haitian families. One member from our team purchased a goat from the market for a family – another, bags of rice and beans. We concluded each visit with prayer for the family.

Above: Team member Sophie delivers a goat to this Haitian family. Below: Donna and Eric Van Ee delivered food to Anderson Charles, the child that they sponsor through MH4H. Donna and Eric Van Ee delivering food to sponsor child - Anderson Charles (1)

We ended the night with prayer, devotion, and discussion.

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