We Arrived!!

We wanted to let you know we have arrived safety in Pignon!! We feel so blessed that we were able to beat the snow storm that hit Iowa Monday afternoon. All our flights went as scheduled and without any changes or delays, in which we are very thankful!!

PC group arrived safely at the airport, and anxious to get the week started!

PC group at the airport preparing to start their trip!

Weighing ourselves at the MFI hanger


Boarding the MFI and headed to Fort Pierce Florida’

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the MFI flight, and enjoyed spending time in cockpit with the pilots. MFI treats us with gracious hospitality. The Christian focused airline is so refreshing and such a blessing to us. After being warmly greeted by many old friends at the airport, we settled into the dorm. Beatrice, Nelta, and Evnie, over did it and served us a wonderful meal. We then spent the afternoon walking around the town of Pignon immersing ourselves into the culture in which we will spend the next week.

Team enjoying the pool in Fort Pierce Florida’ Arrived safely in Pignon and anxious to get started Walking the streets of Pignon

We watched the Whole in Our Gospel video and it was fun to hear the team already processing how God is moving in their hearts. It is going to be an awesome week!!