The first class of students to graduate from Many Hands Agronomy Technical School, taught by Agronomist Claudin Augustin, were nervous, excited, and feeling blessed Sunday afternoon, December 11, 2016. The Graduation Celebration had been planned according to when the garden produce would be ready to harvest. This was the day! The students were very pleased with the display they were able to create of cabbage, carrots, green peppers, and leeks.


The agronomy students celebrate the fruit of their labor

The afternoon celebration had been planned, the program worked out with special people participating in specific parts of the day.  Attendance by a pastor from Cap Haitien, a music artist from Bohoc, a special choir for the day, Many Hands staff, the caterer from Pignon, and many guests from numerous communities was anticipated. The class waited anxiously while guests arrived, when finally, it was time for the processional.  Music, prayers, speaking, applause, and God’s presence filled the Equipping Center on the Many Hands campus for the next 2 hours. Guests were very attentive and the graduates were honored throughout the afternoon. 

The students’ families and friends gather in the Equipping Center

In typical Haitian fashion, the program was running long and the caterer had not arrived with the food that would be enjoyed by the 130 people present. But also in typical Haitian fashion, just as the Benediction was being shared to end the program, the caterer, helpers, and the delicious food arrived in the back of the ‘moto twa woul’, the three-wheel motorcycle.

Dirty dishes and, of course, a rooster

The graduating students eagerly served ‘manje avek bwa’, food and drink, to each guest present as the catering staff filled plates with an appetizing variety of rice, beans, salad, and plantains. Satisfied and grateful, Agronomist Claudin and the graduates said farewell to the crowd as they made their way out the gate of Many Hands campus. What a perfect day. ‘Mesi Senye’, Thank you Lord for how you provided for the day.

Many Hands Agronomy Class of 2016