This is written by Tanner Van Maanen, a member Pella Christian Winterim trip to Pignon, Haiti. 10 students, 5 teachers, 1 principal and Lucia Van Maanen are on this trip.Tanner has been to Haiti before serving with MH4H.

3 Bears and Me school before being repainted.

Today, Friday (1/4), we got the opportunity to travel out to Three Bears and Me school and paint it. It was an awesome experience and we got to interact with the people so well. While traveling out to the school, I really took the time to observe the scenery and landscape. Often I get so caught up in the problems and find myself frustrated with the problems that the people have to endure. I often ask God why our ways of life are so different, but looking at the amazing beauty of the country, I was reminded of the many blessings that Haiti has been given. Haiti is truly an amazing country and the people are so strong and have much love and passion.

The other experience that really touched me was when we were sitting around the table for supper, telling the group what has impacted us through out this day. Wilkins was sitting with us and it was his turn. He shared with us how thankful he was that we were down in Haiti serving others. He said that he knew we truly cared and that he saw it through our work ethic and interactions. God has blessed Wilkins so much, he is a bon gasson (or however it is spelled). I pray that he becomes an amazing dentist that is a light in Haiti for all the people.