Many Hands for Haiti is proud to announce the newest project benefiting the people of a Haiti: a store in Spencer, Iowa. The store, Many Hands Market, is set to open in June. The 13,000 square foot store will serve the local economic community with secondhand goods and unique products directly from Haiti. The proceeds from the sales will go towards programs in Haiti. Additionally, the store provides the opportunity for Iowans to be part of the Haiti mission through volunteering, donating and shopping.

“This is exciting because it offers an opportunity for people to be involved in a cross-cultural mission with their time instead of donating money or actually going to Haiti, which is not possible for everyone,” said Christi Gabhart, the manager of the store.

Many Hands Market will draw consumers from Spencer and Storm Lake area where demographics exist to donate, as well as shop, at the store.

The store will carry products such as clothing, furniture, and other house wares.

There will also be a store-within-a store that will sell Solid Ground products. These authentic products are created by Haitians and include jewelry, coffee, paintings, hot sauce, statues and clothing.

Various types of volunteers will be needed to run the store including mechanics, heavy lifters and clothing sorters thus providing an opportunity for every skill set. Gabhart believes this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for those looking for a purposeful experience.

“Americans have an abundance of everything, it is great to clear out clutter and make the excess valuable when their sale generates dollars for a good cause,” said Gabhart.

“Everything about the store is full circle in donating products, buying products from Haiti, donating the money to Haitian programming.”

Located at Highway 71 and Highway 18, the store will occupy a former Ace-Hardware store.

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For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Tim Brand or Christi Gabhart at [email protected] or [email protected].