Today was a beautiful day in Haiti, as are many days: sunny, slight breeze, warm temperature, bright, blue sky with white clouds. The past several days we have been hearing of the opposite weather in and around Iowa: bitter, unprecedented cold, deadly, harsh winds, grey skies. Couldn’t be a greater swing in weather in 2 different places on the exact same day.

As MH is hosting a team this week with a new team scheduled to arrive tomorrow, we receive word late this afternoon that the weather in Chicago is going to prevent the new group from arriving. We are devastated! Wonderful plans have been made for an event to encourage young adults age fifteen to twenty two, a house has been selected to have the team help with the pouring of a concrete floor. Families have been chosen to receive a gift of food, projects have been planned to make reality of the saying, “Men anpil fe chay pa lou” Many hands make light work. Three schools would have help collecting height and weight data of students with scholarships, AND MORE!

The thought of all these individuals NOT receiving a ‘touch’ from this team through MH was such a disappointment. Immediately we were on the phone notifying MH Haitian staff and others that were helping carry out these activities that we would have to cancel or postpone our plans. A number of those scheduled to arrive are close, close friends of Many Hands which, in turn, means they are also close, close friends of many Haitian people they have come to know and love over the years. Equally disappointing to our many Haitian friends that were anticipating their arrival.

In one of these conversations to say there would be a huge swing to the plans that had been made, a young man of tremendous faith quoted a verse from Lamentations to give encouragement that God’s love endures all things. He went on to say he knows there is a reason for everything, that all things work for good and for the Glory of God. So as we were expressing our sincere disappointment, he was honoring God with the confidence that this was all part of God’s plan even if we did not understand why.

No doubt each person in their honesty can say this same experience, this same feeling of the pendulum swing, has occurred in their life more than once. Today, the remarkable thing is this confidence and demonstration of strong faith was coming from a 19 year old young man who lives in a stick and mud house with many siblings and passing many days when the family may not know where their provisions will come from the next day. BUT, this young man knows it all comes from God.

The story continues. The pendulum went full swing. As the team, stranded in Chicago potentially for as many as 3 days, prayed for God’s will to be done, God’s will and ways were revealed. A flight was available for this group of 11 servants of the Lord to fly to NYC then on to Orlando in the wee hours of the morning. If all flight connections are made, the group will fly from Ft Pierce, FL to Pignon, Haiti tomorrow morning. The team expressed that all of this is a TOTAL God thing! God can calm the storm, part the waters, and make a way out of the frigid Midwest on the last day of January to bring warmth and joy to the beautiful people they will ‘touch’ in the Central Plateau of Haiti. 

If God can do this to show His power, think what he can and will do in your life. Be faithful to trust. Be quick to obey. God will shine His glory all around. The pendulum can swing both ways and God’s glory can be seen.

Painting a scripture verse on a new Many Hand’s house.

A job one might have in Haiti, cleaning the walls of the Citadel by hanging on the edge of a ladder.

A newborn just a few hours old.

A sugar cane.

The sugar cane oxen.

Ewand teaching a PET cart reciepent how to use the brake.

The Blom Family and Uncle Dane.

Exploring the Haitian markets.