Written by Courtney Nikkel and Laura Nicholson on Thursday, January 8th, 2015

We began our day at the Pella Christian sister school in Ba Savanette, where we administered de-worming medicine, Neosporin, band-aids, and wooden toy cars. We went into each class, with a health agent, Hester, assisting us in describing the proper process in which to take the medicine and even how to use band-aids. (As it was most of the kids first time using band-aids.)  After the kids ate lunch, we as a team preformed a skit about Baalam (Matthew Rossler) and his talking donkey (Tyler DeBruin). They all swarmed around the action, grabbing on to every word that Lucia said, with Ebens as her translator. Lucia made it the story more applicable to the Haitian culture by comparing Baalam to a witch doctor. Once done with the skit, we gave each of the teachers a basket full of food and supplies, bought yesterday on our market scavanger hunt. We then brought out the ever so popular parachute, along with; hula hoops, jump ropes, bubbles, Frisbee, and soccer. Watching the kids’ faces while playing with all of us was something that was unbelievably, rewarding experience. Soon it was on to our next activity, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, which the Haitian’s thought was fou (crazy).

Getting the bags of stuff all ready for the PC teachers and children. PC teacher bags ready to go.
Distributing the PC bags of stuff, purchased by Pella Christian High School teachers.

Distributing the PC bags of stuff, purchased by Pella Christian High School teachers.

We then went back to the dorm and quickly turned back around to begin our next adventure. We split up into two teams, each with a Haitian translator, to spread God’s word to those in the area of Sylvan. We also were able to bless the families with bags of rice, beans, bouillon cubes, tomato paste, spaghetti, and cooking oil. Along with the food bags, we handed out dolls, diapers, and dresses. It was bon (great) to see how the faces of each family lit up when we asked them about Jesus Christ and church. We prayed with each family, asking for prayer requests, assisted by our phenomenal translators, Ebens and Wilkin.

We came back to the dorm and had an indescribable worship time, beginning with the Whole In Our Gospel, sharing our rose, thorn, bud of our day, followed by a moving time of singing to our favorite songs, praising God for all we have been blessed with. We ended our evening with a spontaneous dance party to “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Bon Nwit! (goodnight)