Starting with a morning hike and trip to the market, the Blom Memorial team serve with grateful hearts as they share life and love with the Haitian people.

Our day started very early with a hike up and down Mount Pignon. When we started climbing, it was difficult to see where we were going. As I was climbing, the sun started to peak out. We were able to see the path, but it was still hard work. I used many muscle groups I’m not used to using and was running out of breath. When I reached the top, it was a feeling of relief. Seeing the sun rise was a glimpse of glory!

Most of the group saw the sunrise on the mountain Enjoying the journey

As I was hiking, it reminded me of our “hike” through life. There are many obstacles, twists, and turns. It is not easy but after we give our lives to Jesus, we are relieved and experience his presence through it all. Bondye bon! (God is good!) ~Brianna Walz

Pastor Brad making it up the hard way Enjoying the journey down again After the decent

A ride in the the little truck with 17 people is always an adventure. We piled in again after a late breakfast and went to the farmer’s market in town. It was quite something! In many places it was shoulder to shoulder. There were so many sites and smells😣, thing to buy, and people who need Jesus.

Pignon market Competeing for sales in the market A tailor working in the market Water break after some hard shopping Kids in the market

A couple of us had stayed home in the morning preparing for a teen girls conference that took place in the afternoon.

Making cupcakes for the Purity Conference

We had 124 girls from the area between the ages of 10-19. Lucia shared with the girls what God has to say about purity and love. She told them that Jesus is the kindest one they will ever know and His love is the only thing that can fill the hole in our hearts. We placed around each girl’s neck a silver necklace that represents Jesus’ love filling the hole in our hearts, and we prayed a prayer of purity and protection over her. They were respectful and tuned in to all that was said. God’s presence was with us. The seed was planted. Bondye bon! ~ Chris Walz

Teen guests arriving for the Conference Welcoming the girls by making them feel special with nail polish God’s promise as a reminder that he will never leave us and never stop loving us

Speaking about purity and the love of Jesus at the conference

Praying for the teens one by one The power of prayer for each of us Jesus loves you

Cupcakes ready for the conference Treat bags for the women Drinks chilling Many Hands sandwich factory production line The theme for the conference was ‘love’

Enjoying lunch

While the women did the conference, the men worked on the tables/ benches. We partnered up with our new Haitian friends who have been helping host us at the MH4H campus and when we travel in town. We set up an assembly line and cut thirty 2×6 boards, trimmed, sanded, and varnished in the shade of the agronomy center with a cool breeze. We worked hard and put a huge dent in the table project, shared life with new friends, and were ready for a shower and to hear how the girls conference went.  ~ George Blom

Cutting and sanding the boards

Varnishing the wood A game of Up and Down the River to end a satisfying day