Dear Family and Friends,

I hope your family and love ones are safe and well. There is so much that is happening here in Haiti and it would be selfish of me to not share my experiences here with you.  I want you to be a part of the ministry here in Haiti. I feel blessed that I can be a witness to the joy I see in those that are part of Mission Etoile.  I hope you can find joy reading my stories as well!

Recently, we have broken ground on our future school that will be opening this coming September for 130 children.  This is a dream come true. Couple weeks ago, I had the privilege to host a group from Sully, Iowa that was able to be part of the break ground ceremony. There were at least 100 hundred people there.  Our pastor was able to lead us with several Haitian songs and then we prayed all together.  After this, two of the individual from the Sully group had the opportunity to dig the first shovel of dirt. This was a real awesome moment for me. As I looked over at everyone during the ceremony, I almost fill to tears. I realize this was not just a special moment for me but everyone who was there; the Americans as well as those we serve in the Trou-sable community; young and old.  I will never forget this moment.  I also realize this was a start to many blessing that God has in store for this ministry and that God is already making the provisions as we move forward to serve and to be serve through Christ. I am full of joy! Enjoy the few pictures we have of the school so far!

First the trenches were dug.Next the columns were put into place for a two story building.The foundation was took shape.

Next the columns were put into place for a two story building.

The foundation took shape quickly with all the help.

Brick by brick, we are building this school!

Demilton Coq Story

I wanted to share a brief story with you about one of the kid in our Afterschool program. His name is Demilton Coq. Demilton is a quite an interesting kid. He is full of joy just as I am. He has one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. Demilton has an awesome talent; he can break it down on the dance floor. I am amaze how well he can move. This make me smile because I remember when I was younger and how I used to love to dance. Back in my days I broke it down  as well, Just saying :)! I did tap dance, JAZZ, Ballet, Tumble… I did it all BUT DEMILTON IS BETTER THAN ME!  Anyways, there is not a day that goes by that I do not see DEMILTON. He is always the first one there each afternoon. This all change one day.  One afternoon I arrive to the field and I asked right away where is Demilton because I did not see him and everyone answered that they did not know where he is. Later on one child came to me said that he is sick at home. This broke my heart.  I had to go visit him right away but before I did I remember something a friend here shared with me that if you have plans to go visit someone that is sick in Haiti make sure to bring something along with you for them to eat. So often, children here fall ill; doctors and anyone else cannot figure out their diagnosis. When I thought about this and I thought about Demilton I realized I knew what was wrong. Before I went to visit him, I gave one of my sisters some money to go purchase rice, beans, tomatoes…etc so I can bring along to Demilton house. When I got to his house, his eyes light up as he was not expecting Mr. E (that whats they call me here) to come to his home. Anyways, I wish him well and gave him the food and went back to the land where the other kids were waiting for me. About 2 hours later I see a big smile coming down the street; its Demilton Coq. His sickness was cured! A starving child is a sick child! I guess the moral of this story is when serving the poor and the sick one needs to serve their physical need as well as spiritual need. I am just glad to have Demilton and his dance moves back. AMEN!

Until next time,