The sermon yesterday was about joy and finding true joy in Jesus.  As a team we are finding that true joy on our trip.  As we walked the streets yesterday and visited the homes of Fransly, Woodson, and Bygone we saw the joy on their faces as they showed off their houses.  We also saw joy in the faces of the children we visited at the orphanage and along the road as we played, gave high fives, held them, and just spent time with them.  The joy on the faces of our manly senior boys as they held a small baby, swung the kids as they walked along the road and sat with them at the orphanage.  Last night we saw A LOT of joy as we introduced the people of Pella Christian to Karate Kid with Jackie Chan.  They clapped, yelled, and had eyes glued on the bed sheet screen as they watched.  We also made Joseph dream coat puppets.  God was so very good and kept the rain away.  This morning the ladies finished most of the painting at the school while the men built desks and painted chalkboards.

We have also had some joyful moments as a team.  We found out Jon is part monkey as he climbed a tree to get a coconut.  🙂  We found out Josh is as deathly afraid of cockroaches as he is spiders.  He thought he was going to lose his digits so he slept with someone else last night.  Cali loves geckos just not on her pillow.  But we were proud we caught one.  At night we entertain ourselves with the push up game where we do push-ups depending on what card we get.  Fransly and Woodson do not like the game.  Jordan’s smelly habits have gone international.  Starting on our plane and continuing on the trip.  Fransly and Woodson are not fans of this either.  We have found joy spending time with each other on the bumpy rides out to the school.  Not sure if our abs hurt more laughing or the bouncing around.  We have enjoyed talking on the porch at night and reminiscing about old times.  We are very joyful when we see rice and beans for dinner or when we can enjoy a coke or Haitian peanut butter.  The food is delicious.

Even with our tired and smelly bodies and lack of sleep we are finding much joy in the Lord. We are finding joy in our new Haitian friends as well.  The Joy of the Lord is truly our strength.


-Pella Christian Team