Hey, it’s Brantley! I waited until today to blog because otherwise all my good stories would get shared at church this morning. I’ve gotta tell them myself!

This morning we went to church at Pastor Francois’ church. It was interesting; it was mostly in Creole, but Francois would occasionally give cliff notes in English for the visitors. There was another missionary group there at the church. It was nice to meet a stranger that spoke English as a first language, even for a little bit. When the church had communion, most of us didn’t realize the drink wasn’t grape juice until after we drank it. My first sip of alcohol! Sorry Mom.

After church at Point Virgule for lunch. Trying to give cooks a day off. Brianna recited John 3:16 in Creole!

We gave out tons of rice and Bibles this afternoon with Appolon. Nate says we’ve given out over 2 tons of rice altogether. I got pretty good at saying “Bondye beni ou,” (“God bless you,”) because I couldn’t say much else relevant in Creole. We met an old lady that was trying to drink the bubble juice we gave her. The Haitians said she was crazy but we gave her some water and peanuts and Veronique prayed with her. I couldn’t help but wonder if she really was crazy, or if she just had a problem that the Haitians couldn’t diagnose and dismissed. It made me sad that she might have a problem that’s solvable in America but disregarded here. We ran into another similar situation; an old woman with cataracts. Again, a simple problem in America that Haitians just have to deal with.

The Eagle Scout team delivering rice to families today.

The Boy Scout team delivering rice to families today.

The woman many of the Haitians thought was crazy. Haitian woman receiving a bag with a bible and bracelet.

Haitian kids are surprisingly good at Hackey Sack! I hope someone got a video of me playing with them. Games are a kind of universal communication; we didn’t need a common language to understand what was happening and have fun.

A little boy fascinated with the bubbles Haitian family enjoying the bubbles

Tomorrow is our last full day! I hope the next group puts up with Liz as well as we do.
God bless and bon nwit!   Brantley

Scouts (pronounced ‘scoots’ in creole) – giving rice to a family