“The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blesses us.”
Psalm 67:6

This last year has seen some significant changes in Sylvain. Our campus is already running programs, feeding people, creating jobs and bringing the gospel to so many. God has been so good in his provision to MH4H and to the people in Sylvain.

Agriculture is an integral part to this change as it does a number of things within the community. Firstly, it provides local jobs for people in Sylvain. Secondly, it gives us opportunities to show best practices and teach new skills to local farmers. Thirdly, it boosts the local economy, with new and different crops to offset the markets already saturated with sugar cane and congo beans. And finally, it provides food for people in need.

So, we are excited to share this update. Harvest time has come in Haiti for the amazing cabbages that Claudin, our Agronomy expert, has been tending to with Odenes and others. Claudin was really excited about it when he gave us an update:

“It’s really amazing to harvest and sell the cabbage in Sylvain. We find many sellers who come to buy and then re-sell at the market. Many people in this area come to buy to eat the cabbage themselves. They’re really excited. They encouraged me to plant more, because more sellers want to buy….they didn’t find enough!”

Workers meet and prepare in the morning Harvesting and collecting


Praise God for His amazing provision and for people like Claudin, who work hard to provide for the community. It has actually been a very hard Fall in Haiti, with a drought crippling many local farmers. We thank God that He has sustained our crops and given us a bountiful harvest to share with the people of Sylvain.

Please continue to pray that God will keep His mighty hand over our crops and goats. Also, that we can continue to provide for the community, and that God will use this work, and us, to continue to bring Jesus to the people of Sylvain.