Another day in Haiti has passed, and a new team has arrived! Join Celebrate Team in their journey to Haiti by reading this blog post, created by Ian Crossett and Michael Moats.

Florida was dark when our day began, and now it is getting dark in Haiti. God has clearly been at work because a lot has happened between sunrise and sunset! The crew at MFI greeted us.  Having never ridden in a DC-3, we were all intrigued by how amazing a 74-year-old WWII plane can look and run!  The crew took great care of us, and we will never forget the smooth ride. We were given the opportunity to ride in the cockpit, and many of us did. It was amazing!! Landing on the grass strip in Pignon was a bit nerve-racking, but it made everything become real. On the plane, we were anxious to touch Haitian soil. After a warm welcome from the outgoing team, we hopped into the trucks and bounced our way to the Many Hands campus.

A mango moment on MH campus!

Craig and Christi didn’t waste any time exposing us to the city.  The market was eye-opening, and watching Christi strategically spread the purchases around was interesting. 

The team inside a Haitian store gathering necessities: rice, beans, oil, and Ragu The team unloading food items into the guest house The team preparing for the week by loading rice for distribution

Now that we are well fed and the day is winding down, we are thankful that God has blessed us with this opportunity and ministry. We will rest well tonight, and look forward to the work he has in store for us tomorrow.

-Ian Crossett
-Michael Moats