There are little things in life and there are big things. Then there are the things that specifically catch a mother’s eyes. Look through this mother’s eyes as she observes life in rural Sylvain.

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Today we were able to walk through town. The children came out to meet us. We enjoyed holding hands and taking pictures together. Christi showed us a house that MH4H built. The house was bright and colorful. It was so welcoming, a house to be proud of. The old house was still there, however it looked like it could fall over. I am sure it has changed the outlook of the family’s life. 

These girls know how to pose for a picture

On our walk through town, we met a mother holding a sleeping baby with a bloody head wound. Christi spoke with the mother and found out that the baby had fallen about an hour before. Christi told the mother we would come back with antiseptic and bandages. 

When we returned, the baby was sleeping in the house. Worried that the baby could have a concussion, Christi woke her up and cleaned the wound. The baby’s wound was cleaned and then a bandage with Neosporin was applied. Christi directed the mother to watch for infection, and we would check back in a few days. The mother was so thankful. She seemed so helpless when we first met her on the road, but the little assistance brought hope back to her and a smile to her face.

The grandmother arrived before we left. She was so thankful too. I wish I could have understood what she was saying, but the tone was of thanksgiving. I wasn’t ready for the kiss she gave me. She was going to kiss me on the lips, but I gave her a cheek kiss instead. I am not used to the kissing of strangers! The mother also kissed Christi and me as we left. We will be praying for the baby’s healing. I am excited to follow up to see how the precious little one is doing. 

Sandy plus a few new friends

This experience showed me how much I take for granted. God has blessed me with the materials I need to keep my children safe. This mother didn’t have a cloth to clean her baby’s wound with. What an eye opening experience. Thank you Lord  for showing me that I can bless others with the small things and show your love through this.  

-Sandy Schafer