Saturday, June 30th

I am writing to you at noon on Saturday. We spent the morning walking through the town market and went to the river and natural spring, where everyone showers and baths. Very overwhelming sights, sounds, and smells at the market. Bought peanuts to make more peanut butter. The kids are really enjoying this staple food! Pete has meet several individuals with a PET, and will be repairing  one this afternoon as well as assembling the ones we brought. Everyone is healthy, except Keegan as he is suffering with swimmer ear. Pray for healing for him so it does not interfere with his trip. The Holy Spirit has been at work as our hearts as we are challenged as to what the LOrd requires of us to be a Christian and following of CHrist as we respond to the poor, hurting, and injustice in this world that God so loves. Thank-you all for your willingness to send your children and family members to be a part of this experience, and following the call of Christ to bring glory to his name. God is good. Love you all!

Sunday, July 1st
We are having such a wonderful blessed time!  This morning we worshiped in Zeek’s church, a Baptist church.  The singing was beautiful and the message was brought to us from a pastor from Chicago so we heard it in English and it was translated to Creole.  We all together were praising the same God and Lord of all. Last night we went to the hospital in our compound and sang hymns and contemporary music and then divided up into small groups and prayed for individuals.  Some had injuries and some were mothers of infants.  It was a heart warming and amazing experience.  We’ve done some work by the Iowa House on the making of desks that will be going into the PCGS and the women organized the house and all of the supplies/tools in it.  It is very warm but now we are going on a hike around the town of Pignon and visiting with people.  Keep us in your prayers.  Pray for health and strength to continue our work here.

Blessing to you all from Haiti,
Jay and Lisa Schelhaas