by Nichole Coe, MH4H trip participant 

Team in airport

Hello family and friends. The day in Haiti started a little slow for some of us, still recovering from the travel day. Pleasantly we had an easy morning scheduled to assist us getting our Haitian legs. This morning we spent time with the children and families for Thrive for Five. We sang songs for God’s glory; hearing a room full of Haitian’s and American’s sing the same song in the respective language reminds you that God is the master of a beautiful chorus. We also put on a skit teaching them the story of Zacchaeus, followed by interacting with the children through carnival type activities. Lastly this morning, we were able to assist in the feeding program. Passing out the meals for the children and mothers to share; ensuring they had a healthy meal today nourished us just as much.

The heat of the day blazed down upon us during lunch, which resulted in us staying close to campus until late afternoon. The team then embarked on visiting families in their homes and praying with and for them. As we prayed for others in their home, we were able to watch Jesus show up by witnessing a relief shown across their face or the pure joyous smile of gratitude. Our visits were cut a little short when a much needed rain blew in. The team welcomed Jesus’ baptism while riding in the back of the pick-ups back to campus. It’s nice to think that the rain washed us clean and will provide our hearts the soft pliable environment to experience God’s glory the rest of the week here.

After the rain passed, we walked over the spring and spent some time with the community. Bubbles and nail polish provided a nice opener to communicate with the many children. The joy of the children reminded us that expressive communication is a minor role in how we communicate God’s love. All you need to share God’s love is an open heart and a willingness to listen.

The highlight of the evening came after dinner. The team individually went around and shared their high and low moments of the day. Listening to the younger generation share how they felt or saw God at work today gives us adults an important reminder. The younger generation is watching so what are we wanting to show them? We pray God is whom you are emulating on a regular basis.

God Bless everyone and thank you for the continued prayers of support.