Greg and Joan Ebeling share the impact the leadership conference is having on the leaders in the community. 

Have you ever been hugged by 100 Haitians? As a two day leadership conference ended today, a raucous praise session morphed into a glorious version of a Christian conga line, punctuated by intermittent hug fests.

Serving food during the conference

About 80 Haitians from ten different communities near Pignon attended the conference. Attendees had been identified as leaders or potential leaders within their own spheres of influence. This conference was one of a series that focused on various topics related to developing leadership skills. During this conference, Appolon preached on Power and Influence, Denny spoke on leadership from a full tank, Greg and Joan talked about abiding in Christ, and Tim challenged attendees to put love in action. The goal of the conference is to equip community leaders to lead well, and also to give them tools to pass leadership skills to more people in their community.

Tim Brand speaking about love in action

We have much to learn from the Haitians about praising God. They praise with passion and fervor, engaging their full bodies in the experience.

The Ebelings demonstrate a trust exercise

During the conference sessions, students were asked to discuss questions in groups. This may have been a new concept for them, but they adapted to the idea quickly.


Leaders from the conference gather to share and pray

While the community members were challenged to put love in action, they were also encouraged to share times they have shown love in action. Among other things, they were very thankful of the opportunity to help their neighbors by providing cement floors.

Kalou cuts a branch from a mango tree to demonstrate John 15 and abiding in Christ. Apart from the vine you can do nothing.

Tomorrow’s plans include seeing how the Thrive for Five and preschool programs work. And we might do a little mountain climbing.