Dear Family, Friends, and Faithful supporters,

I greet you from Haiti this evening. I hope all is well with each and everyone of you. God is good.

This past two week has been quite exciting and busy with school opening. Its been awesome. You will have to come see the school for yourself. When are you putting a group together to come to Haiti? You can come do work in the areas of Health, Education, Construction and Evangelism. I am waiting for your visit to Haiti this next year, I want you to be part our mission. Let me know if you have an interest in coming to Haiti for a week.

This week we have a student name Ivenide who just turn 4 in our Etoile preschool. This is the first year of school for her and she is excited everyday in her classroom. It is awesome to see these kids in school learning. Thank you for supporting our school here in Haiti. Also, please feel free to wish Ivenide a Happy Birthday in this email as well as a wish for her life and I will share your message or comments with her. Invenide picture is attach below.

This upcoming week will be an exciting week for the kids in the school because they will be accompanied by some American friends who will be here with us for a week. This group is from the Davenport, Iowa area. This group will be working in the area of Education (Teaching Haitian women how to sew) as well we will have a construction group who will be putting a roof on a family home who cannot afford to put a roof on or finish their house. I call this ExtremeMake Over Haiti edition.

This week, the group from Iowa will be finishing the room in the background for this family.

The family that was chosen is truly in need. A grandma name Reymonde is taking care of at least 9 grandkids due to the death of their parents. She care for them everyday. Everytime I walk around the community i see the kids following this older lady. It is really sweet but sad because I know this family is struggling to survive. Recently, Reymonde started building a two bedroom house for her and the grandkids but has been having a hard time getting the house done. Every week I see they are putting up block by blocks but then they will need a roof. This will take forever this way because she does not have the means to finish it. Also, she just found out another daughter of her is sick and had to take her to the hospital leaving the kids on her behalf and have no means of caring for her sick daughter in the hospital. One of the kids who live with her is called Benicia. Benicia is a sweet girl who is not shy and love to help us on the Etoile Campus. If Benicia see trash in our land she walks around picking up trash and throwing them away, if the church is dirty she cleans it up. Couple of Benicias siblings attend our school for free do to sponsorship but Benicia is to old for our school because we only go up to 3rd grade. I am looking for a way to help Benicia attend school somewhere else.

As I was talking to Reymonde, she shared with me that she is a Christian. She shared that it is the power of God that is keep her going and she will not lose her hope for a brighter future for her grandkids. While she talks, she cried. I look at her wanting to hug her and tell her that I care and I want to help, God will always watch over her family. I had tears in my eyes as well. I shared with her that Etoile Ministry would like to help her finish one of the rooms of the house, I got a smile out of her 🙂 She felt blessed and kept giving me thanks and I told her to Thank God instead because if it was not the will of God I would not be here today.

Starting on monday, the group from Iowa will be working on her house. I am so excited to see her move in with the kids. Please pray for the Iowa group and that they will have a wonderful experience and that they will become more spiritually full while serving in Haiti.

Please consider being a part of this ministry, there are hundreds of families just like Reymonde who can barely feed their kids or put a roof over their head but you can help change that; you can make a difference, please ask me how if you have an interest.

Enjoy the two pictures below. God bless you!

Much love from Haiti,