A group of teachers from Teach for America Houston are in Haiti providing Teacher trainings in Gonaives, Haiti.

March 13, 2013

This morning we battled it out with a howling dog, and the dog won, keeping us up for at least an hour in the early morning. Later, Lara and Maddie battled it out with the mountain, and the girls won, enjoying the sunrise and marveling at the site of students studying early on the mountain. Then they enjoyed journeying around town with their 15-year-old tour guide who showed them several schools in the village.

Later, they came back to the house for fried bread and fried plantains. Then we all went back to the school for the third, and last day, of teacher training. Today, the teachers created their own 5-step lesson plan, and presented it to us. We got to pretend to be students and practice our Creole at the same time. I must say we are getting good at our Creole J. After the training, we helped the teachers decorate their classrooms. After decorating, we sat in on the girls group that Silentor leads and enjoyed watching them practice their dancing and talking with them. Then Larissa enjoyed playing futbol with Lance.

After a full day at the school, we came back to the house and enjoyed chicken and rice with bean sauce. Then we sat on the roof, enjoyed the breeze and the children calling us “blan.” Larissa will miss children calling her “blan” when she gets back to the states.

Tomorrow morning we wake up bright and early to return to the states. We will miss Haiti, the children, and our host, Silentor.