It is Friday night in Pignon, after a very hot Thursday, we are grateful for an afternoon drenching of rain.  It rained most of the afternoon, which made for a very eventful afternoon at the school.  It was an exciting afternoon as a good percentage of the group were able to meet their sponsored children.  Shortly after the kids arrived, so did the rain.  The rain did not stop for a few hours so many many people were congregated in the hallway of the school to stay dry.  Our group arrived safely yesterday around noon.  In the afternoon we mostly just settled in to our dorm at the hospital.  Shortly after we arrived we could see and hear a funeral procession going by.  The funerals are interesting as people walk slowly down the street, singing and playing music.  We were saddened however to learn that the funeral was for Fransly’s (one of our interpreters and guides) grandma.  Many of you who have been here know Fransly, so keep him in your prayers.  Another funeral was an hour later, also a lady passed away during surgery at the hospital.  We were saddened to see the family (a dad with 5 kids) suffer such grief.  So many new experiences are happening, eyes are being opened, and we are seeing God at work in Haiti.  Please continue to pray for us as a team!

All in all, this has been a great experience for everyone, especially the students! They are LOVING Haiti, especially the kids, eventful experiences in the truck as we made it back to the hospital from the school after the rain. What the students are sharing at night and how God is working in their hearts is awesome! They are growing, being broken for what the people of Haiti experience day-to-day, and are realizing how blessed they are to live in the U.S. A favorite memory from today is when we were at the Hospital Dormitory for lunch, it was pouring rain and the road outside the dorm was filling up with water quickly, so kids were coming out to enjoy the rain, even shower without their clothes. No shame here…I saw glimpses of the Garden of Eden many times today.
Tomorrow, we are going to the market to experience the sights and smells of how many Haitian’s make a living. Everyone is staying healthy, so that is much to be thankful for. Please keep praying for our safety and health. We are doing great! Sorry for not updating sooner. The internet was not working yesterday.
Much love, laughter, and smiles from Haiti.
Lucia VM and Team