Emily Marrison is the “team mom” for the group from Fresno Bible Church.  . She will help manage her team while they participate in tasks in different departments at the Many Hands for Haiti campus.  Fresno Bible Church has sent teams to Many Hands for Haiti before, but this is Emily’s first trip.
“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act.” Psalm 37:4-5

Our church has come to MH4H twice before, but this is my first time. Each trip there have been several youth of all ages and several men, but just one mom. It was not by our design, but I am confident that it has been the Lord’s design. So this year, like Renata and Brenda before me, I get to be the team mom.

Yesterday, our team visited the market and with the help of our culture guides, we negotiated the purchase of some essential food items that we will be distributing to families throughout our time here. Immediately after leaving the market, we drove to two homes to drop off food. These were homes where we would later help with the pouring of concrete floors. The mother in one of the home invited us in so we could see the inside. The walls were covered with colorful treasures.

It touched my heart instantly when Christi told us that she is a single mother. I immediately identified with her, because I was a single mom for about 4 years. I remember the many ways that my family, church, and friends rallied around me and encouraged me and was grateful that we would be able to serve her and her children in this way.

Our team is so large that we divided into two groups to help pour concrete floors in the two homes. I prayed a tiny prayer that I could be on the team that helped in her home. And then I felt selfish. I am here to help in any way God calls me, not tell God what I want to do. I really would have been happy to serve at either home. So I prayed for God’s will, not my own, and let it go. Trusting in his perfect plan. Something I do not do often enough when I am back home in my normal world. But without the usual distractions of life, I find that I am more intentional to abide in his presence. 

As we passed the other home and headed toward her house, I praised God in my heart. What a special gift to be able to help this mother. What grace to pass buckets in our brigade along side her son and my son and our sisters and brothers in Christ. And then when our team leader asked that I pray for the family as we all circled up after completing the job… my heart overflowed with joy!

The first night our team was together we talked about abiding in Christ. Remaining in the vine. That we would having nothing to offer if we were not continuously connected to the Jesus. God confirmed to me that I as choose to remain in him, he will act and will give me the desires of my heart that glorify him. What a merciful and sovereign and loving God!