Wow…what an awesome God we serve!  It’s been an amazing day of seeing and being involved in what God is doing here in Haiti.  Each night at the dinner table we share our highs and lows from the day.  Its amazing the deep impact our time here has been having on our hearts.  As each person shares we laugh and reminisce and look forward to the next day’s adventure.

Our teens are representing Jesus and FBC well.  They have great attitudes, caring hearts and are working hard.  Before lunch we helped pour a concrete floor that we mixed on the ground and carried in with 5 gallon buckets.  Then came back to campus and helped serve lunch to a ton of kids and adults.  

Pick-axes are used to break up the hard ground Working out with home made dumbbells Finding the local wildlife Smoothing a new cement floor

With the kids at Thrive for five Relaxing at the Guest House at lunch

After lunch we visited 5 homes where we delivered a large bag of rice, a bag of beans and a gallon of vegetable oil.  Each family and situation was very unique.  There are two that really stuck out to me. Our second delivery we got to share the gospel with an unsaved man and pray with Him.  Then we got to meet a witch doctor who got saved a couple of months ago.  Not only by the testimony of the missionaries, but by the joy in their hearts and warm welcome, these new followers of Jesus clearly are new creations.  

Cooking a meal Bringing food to families in need

We are so grateful to be here and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Liz and Kenzie

May all glory go to Him.  Please continue to lift us up in prayer!  Love, Ben