Many Hands newest missionary, Micah Aurand, shares of her day packed with good news, great gifts, and the joy of community. Keep reading to find out today’s big arrival at the Many Hands campus.

Surprise and joy spread like wild fire over the Many Hands staff when the news made its way through the kitchen door. The baby was here! For months we have anticipated the arrival of Kalot’s eleventh son. Kalot is the Head of Security on the Many Hands campus in Pignon. This afternoon, while selling her goods at the market, Kalot’s wife went into labor. We thank God for an easy delivery and a small, yet healthy, baby boy.

Mama and baby are currently resting while family, friends, and neighbors congregate in the front yard to celebrate a new life that has joined our family.

Kalot’s precious new son!

More still! Arrangements had been made to send four children with unique medical needs to a special doctor in Port au Prince. Two of the children have clubbed feet while the other two suffer from cerebral palsy. It takes four hours to complete the 85 mile journey.

Elinise has cerebral palsy and has been assessed for surgery. John Kerry suffers from Cerebral Palsy Khaki being assessed for surgery

They left yesterday around 3:30am. The trip wasn’t easy and they had no guarantee of when or if they would see the doctor but the group kept going. By the afternoon, we received word that three of the four children had been admitted to the hospital and would start their medical procedures the following day.

The guardian of the fourth child has decided to wait on treatment for the time being. As well, the surgeries will cost half as much as we originally estimated. Such a direct answer to prayer! We are SO thankful that God provided special funds for the medical care, wisdom for the Many Hands staff, and favor with the doctors in order to bless these children and their families. 

Khaki smiles for the camera, excited for his new life post surgery.

Wiskerry resting with Mh4h staff after surgery

Elinise recovering after surgery with her mom


“If you, then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him.” Matthew 7:11

Today, God has given good gifts to the people of Sylvain and the friends of the Many Hands staff. We give Him alone all the glory! 

Blessings from Haiti!

Micah Aurand