Four nursing students from Grand View University are forming life-long friendships with each other. Katelyn Kime has been to Haiti five times previously. She has been exuberantly sharing every aspect of Haiti life that she loves with friends, Krystal, Maddie, and Kelsie. Walk with the girls through these pictures as they explore Haiti together.

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Saturday’s Activities

The top view of the mountian we climbed in Pignon.

After climbing the mountain in the background. Needless to say we all wanted water!

We visited the local market that takes place every saturday.

These are some of the supplies we purchased from the market.

This is the hospital in Hinche. We were vistiting a friend.

We put together first-aid kits to hand out and use during the trip. We ended up making 20 kits.


Sunday’s Activities

Sunday worshiping at church.

Sunday afternoon we spent distrbuting food. We took food to five families.

Some of the children we helped care for and distrbuted food too.

Giving first-aid to some of the local children

More first-aid!

Monday’s Activities

A girl we helped on Sunday, that had some wounds who came back for a post checkup. She came to get her wounds recleaned, and ointment re-applied. We saw a great improvement, God is good!

Maddie giving a health check to a mom in the program.

Krystal with one of the children at the orphange we visted. We spent time playing and interacting with the children.

Kelsie and her new friend at the orphange.

Katelyn giving a health check to one of the children in the program.

Monday we vistied the school on campus.



  1. Barbara

    Prayes continue so proud of you all. What a blessing you are. Love you so much.

  2. Shirley

    What a blessing you are to all the people there. May God’s Love continue to walk with all of you as you minister to the people. Prayers!


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