MH4H has four Haitian staff positions for the Spiritual Shepherds, which is similar to a chaplain. Typically, these shepherds are existing pastors of established churches and/or have gone to Bible school or seminary. These individuals serve to bring spiritual transformation alongside the other types of transformation that we promote in Pignon, Haiti.

Two of our chaplains, Pastors Lumanes and Jean Ronel, work throughout the MH4H programs and outreach efforts. They’re involved in leading morning devotions for our staff, as well as a Wednesday afternoon chapel that is open to the community called Ti Legliz (Little Church). They usually hold  3-4 afternoon Bible studies each week in neighborhoods where MH4H serves and often help us in community relations activities, including identifying new places and people that we can assist. Please, remember these men with prayers of wisdom, strength, and protection as they minister to their fellow countrymen.

Featured below is a greeting and general update from our Head Chaplain, Pastor Lumanes. Read and enjoy. 

One of the weekly Bible study groups led by Pastors Lumanes and Jean Ronel

Letter Translation:

A Little Information About Many Hands for Haiti’s Evangelism Ministry

Since the year 2016 until 2019, we have felt God’s presence moving in this work. A lot of people in the communities hear the Good News that Jesus Christ is the Savior of humanity. Many of these have made the decision to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Not only to they accept Him, but a lot of them who were living together in sin are [deciding] to get married. It’s very important that Many Hands walk along side them so they can do this. Now we have four Bible study groups where we are teaching the Word of God. So far this is going very well.

One of the things that deserves attention is the way many of them are growing! Of the people who accepted Jesus and were married, there are so many that are now leading Sunday School, worship, choir, etc..

Even Now, God is Real.

Lumanes Auguste


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