By Dave Gritters

Good evening from the Gritters Electric team in Pignon, Haiti. Just wanted to write tonight a bit of an update. Sunday was a very long travel day, starting at 7:30 from Pella and ending with a sleepover at the Fort Lauderdale airport. We then left Monday morning early and landed in Port Au Prince at 8:15 Monday morning. The rest of the day was spent “shopping” in Port Au Prince picking up needed electrical supplies at various stores in Port. We had the opportunity to eat at a small Haitian restaurant Monday for lunch, it was very good and I think all the guys liked it. It was quite fancy and $5 each was pretty nice. We left Port at around 4:30 and arrived around 8 in Pignon. Needless to say we all slept well Monday night.

Gritters Team at lunch

Today was what our specific team came for. We were able to start doing electrical work in the new dorm for MH4H today. We had a good day and were able to get farther than what we might have anticipated.

If things work out well, tomorrow our focus will be installing the solar package for the new dorm. Good exercise will be had as the first thing we need to do is haul 24 100# batteries from a storage shed about 75’ away. The land is really nice, it is amazing to see the transformation from when I was here in April pulling congo beans. What was an open lot a year ago, now has an active Thrive for Five program going, a new dorm almost complete, 1300 banana trees, vegetables, goats, just a lot of activity. God is good and it is good to see what He has done here in a year.

Relaxing after a long day

Relaxing after a long day

Thanks for your continued prayers, we are well and enjoying life in Haiti.