Day 6 and 7 were spent loving others as the trip came to a close. Gumpel Family Team reflects upon their journey with God and His people on the last day. The experience is shared by Alexis, Kenny, and Emily in three parts.

Part 1: Day 6 As Told by Alexis Armstead
Today, the sixth day of our mission trip in Pignon, Haiti was amazing. The group and I were blessed this morning to paint the outside of a family’s house in beautiful colors. The entire morning was filled with love and happiness as we completed the task together.

Ready to paint!

Painting! Ready, Set, Go!

Working hard


This afternoon, a few of us went to an older lady’s house to clean and re-tape an aching foot. We also painted her toenails/fingernails.

Doctoring Eleane’s foot and painting her nails With Eleane’s grandchild

Later today, we watched “The Jesus Film” with many of the neighborhood families and children.  The movie was in Creole, the language spoken in Haiti. It gave us an evangelism opportunity to tell people about Jesus, our savior. Today was overwhelmed with blessings and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

VBS opening prayer Bible lesson Giving the lesson

VBS dodgeball day 2 VBS snack time Making friends

Part 2: Day 7 As Told by Kenny Gumpel

As a pilot with Missionary Flights International, I am given a week every other year to spend working with one of the many ministries that the company flies for you in the Caribbean. To date, we fly for well over 450 ministries. This year, I chose to work with Many Hands for Haiti in Pignon, Haiti. Craig and Christi Gabhart, Many Hands for Haiti operations managers, run an amazing ministry with so many incredible opportunities to serve in the local community of Sylvain. I wanted to have my family and my brother’s families come together and open us up to God’s ministry at Many Hands for Haiti.

Family Showing us her baby and receiving clothing

Working hard carrying a heavy load

Posing while playing with a tire Haitian road Out and about on the street

We didn’t really know what to expect, but God really blessed us with the ability to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We poured a concrete floor, painted a house, distributed food in the local community, put together and presented mobility carts to the handicapped, put on a Vacation Bible Study, handed out Bible tracks, ministered and prayed for the lost and hurting, blessed mothers with clothes for their kids, showed the Jesus film, shared our faith with the lost, and so much more. We did this all in just seven days.

Serving the children Making friends Fast friends Loving others Holding the children

We’re all friends! Anytime is painting time!

Ready to roll!

God has touched our team in so many ways, and we will for sure never be the same. I know for me personally, I can truly say that Craig and Christi have a deep love for the Haitian people and have personally touched so many lives. They are an example of the kind of love Jesus teaches us to have for others. I know that working with Many Hands for Haiti has given me the opportunity to interact and love on the Haitian people in ways I have never done before. I have a deep longing to share my faith with people, and Many Hands for Haiti has given me that opportunity in so many ways here in Pignon.

It’s so loud! Enjoying the culture

Part 3: Day 7 As Told by Emily Swenson

Today, sadly, was our last day serving with MH4H. I feel so blessed that I was given the opportunity to share the word of Jesus and spend time serving these beautiful people.

I am here! Learning Serving

Mission work has been on my heart for the past two years, and I know God has finally put it in my life. This experience has been so amazing, and these people have changed many of my life perspectives.

Giving love to the hurting My perspective has changed Music!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Many Hands for Haiti, for welcoming us with open arms and helping me grow in my walk with God.