Written by Calise Gritters of Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Pella, Iowa

Jwaye Fet Pak, tout moun! Happy Easter, everybody! Despite Sunday being a ‘day of rest,’ our day was full of enjoying God’s people and his wonderful creation.

Today we went to church in La Victoire, a town East of Pignon about 30 minutes. Pastor Diony, a friend of my dad’s, led worship in an open-air church. It was a special experience being able to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection under a tin roof, under palm trees, under the hot sun, in Haiti. During the service we sang songs in both English and Kreyol, as well as shared communion

After the service, we walked to Pastor Diony’s property, which also doubles as an orphanage for about nine orphans. We delivered some food to them, hoping to offset some of the costs it takes to care for nine young children.

In addition to delivering food to Pastor Diony, we also visited with Karolyn and her family. About a year ago, Karolyn and her husband Wilfred lost their house to a fire, and Wilfred has been struggling with finding work. So, we brought some food to them, to help them in this hard time.

Because our wonder cooks Beatrice and Evenie have Sunday off, we went to a restaurant in Pignon to enjoy an Easter feast of rice and chicken (it is Haiti, after all).

After enjoying a quick siesta, a few people on our team hiked up to the famous ‘Pignon sign.’ While the hike was challenging and steep, the view was worth a thousand words. After looking up at the ‘Pignon’ sign for the past four years, it was cool to finally hike up to it.

After our hike to the ‘Pignon’ sign, we drove past Pignon and Silvan to find a foot bridge. If you ever want a picture of beauty, a scenic drive into the Haitian countryside should be on your bucket list. Needless to say, there were many “Kodak moments” on our drive to the bridge. The foot bridge was a fun place to hang out. It was especially interesting to see motorcycles speed across the narrow bridge. As we left, we came across a large tarantula hole, with which we taught some of the “rookies” how to hunt for tarantulas.

Despite the flurry of activity, today was a blessing for all of us. Many of us experienced new things: A new city, and new hike, and our first-ever endeavor across a third world country’s foot bridge. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we finish out our week in Pignon. Pray that our team stays healthy, and that God will continue to use us for His glory. Na’a we pita!

Written by Pastor Sheldon of Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Pella, Iowa

Calise did a wonderful job of describing the highlights of this Easter Sunday. “Pastor Dave” gave a fine message, and it was a privilege for me to give a brief meditation at the church this morning, and hearing it translated into Kreyol.  The joy of the Haitian people worshipping today was an inspiration to us all, giving us a fortaste of heaven.

I’m not sure if anyone has blogged about the videos we have been watching on our evening worship time.  It’s the Easter Experience with Kyle Idelman.  Each night, it has corresponded to the day, Maundy Thursday we were with Jesus and the disciples at the last supper, on Good Friday and Saturday we are witnesses to the suffering and humiliation that Jesus endured to save us from our sins, and soon we will  be able to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection on the series. It has been particularly meaningful as we are in a land that reminds us in many ways of the land of Jesus’ time.

Well, the hour is late, it has been a long but wonderful day. Thank you for your prayers for the team and for the opportunity to serve the Haitian people in the name of Christ!