What do you do when you are confronted with the unpleasant, the uncomfortable? What happens when you see something that makes you question your purpose in this world? Many would insist that they face the issue straight on but the truth is that we all tend to avert our eyes and walk on the other side of the road. Taylor Kraal from the Haven Church is currently in Haiti and calling out these very tendencies, challenging the body of Christ to live like Jesus.

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Natural human tendency is to look away from what makes us uncomfortable, what makes us question, and what makes us challenge our beliefs. Glancing away from a homeless person on the sidewalk, walking away from a kid getting picked on in the hallway, shying away from a conflict about values; all of these cliché, but regular, occurrences inhabit our very nature, our very habits. However, today, as a group, we were challenged to acknowledge and confront the moments that made us want to look away, the moments that we wanted to pretend weren’t happening. These moments ranged from turning a blind eye regarding political conflicts to glancing away from starving children clinging to fence posts and window sills as we traveled down the road on the way home from a Sunday feast. The reality is that our habits have followed us 2,000 miles. We look away from a starving child as habitually as we glance away from a homeless man. Our group’s challenge and prayer is to not look away, to not even blink, as we encounter uncomfortable situations. In order to encourage a broken people, to bring a smile to those who’ve been sapped of their joy, and to embrace the mourning, we must confront the brokenness, confront the joylessness, confront the mourning. We cannot enter our mission with open arms and sealed eyes. As we continue into this week, we ask for prayers for the boldness to embrace uncomfortableness with open eyes, open arms, and open hearts.


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