The Hope Reformed Church team is spreading hope through health. They have provided health check-ups for 465 school children in the surrounding communities including children from our One-Eighty for Haiti program.  The team has also seen how, whether you are big or small, everyone can make a difference.

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Hello fellow readers! Today was a very productive day. We began with heading to Savanette to a couple different schools. There, we had two different stations to get height and weight of all the students. One station was for children who were sponsored through MH4H 180 Program. They would be weighed, measured, and also had their photo taken. The children who were not sponsored were measured and weighed, but not photographed. All together, we visited three schools and documented 465 kids!
After our visits to the schools were complete, some members of our team returned to the compound to build a tower to oversee a goat farm. The others went to paint a house of a Grandma and granddaughter. Before the painting began, we ate a quick lunch and prayed with the grandmother. The grandma also decided to pray and it was very obvious she had a strong relationship with God. The way she prayed showed us just how faithful she was and how much trust she had in God. Then, we were off to work. The task was to paint the exterior and the interior of her home. After a couple hours of hot, sweaty work, the job was finished. We took a picture with the family in front of their newly painted home and then headed out.

Next, we visited the homes of some of the children that our team members sponsor. We went to a couple houses and gave them some gifts and prayed over the children and their families. After that, we arrived back at the MH campus. There was a lot of children playing outside on the playground. We decided to walk over there and join them and as soon as they saw us, they were all over us. We were like human jungle gyms to those kids. It was really cool to see the amount of joy and happiness that those children have despite the circumstances many of them are in.

Then, we helped unload a big truck full of boxes of shoes, 4500 pair to be exact. We formed an assembly line to pass the boxes inside the room where they would be stored temporarily and then stack them up according to their size. These were part of a TOM’s shoes program.  The company REALLY does follow through with the buy one give one program. Finally, to finish off the night, we all gathered on the roof to recap the week. We shared cool stories and God moments that we got to see. All in all, it was a great last day in Haiti.

Yours Truly,

Carli, Brenna, Kiersten, and Caitlyn