Rylie, Carli, Brenna, and Abby with Hope Reformed continue their adventures to some caves and waterfalls in Haiti.  

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Today we took a little break from doing projects and serving others, so we took a trip to a waterfall about an hour and a half from where we are staying. The team rode on the tap-taps. The roads weren’t in mint condition; all of us were covered in dust from the roads. As Christi would say, “Haitian dust should be used as hair product because of how stiff it makes your hair”.

The water at the waterfall was so blue and so clear we almost forgot we were in Haiti. Lolololololol. So many kids tried to help us walk up the stairs to the top of the waterfall. We bought some cookies for all the kids. For lunch we had pb&j’s, bananas and peanuts. We were able to share peanut butter and bread with nearly all the local people who were at the falls today. This was a day to learn more about Haitian culture and to experience more of the beauty of Haiti.

Group at Bassin Zim A view from the top The falls glistening in the sunlight Local Haitians enjoying the falls Waterfalls upclose

We got back to the MH Campus at about 2:30 p.m. and everyone helped distribute food to ten more families. We split up into two groups similar to the ones we had the other day; and we did five families each. It is such a rewarding feeling to see the look on the people’s faces when we walk in with the food. It helps us be thankful for everything we do have.

Inside a house in the neighborhood that has a collapsed roof Collapsed roof viewed from the outside Group delivering food She received food and a Bible Delivering food to families in need

We girls decided to get our hair braided by two local Haitian girls. It was really tight and hurt just a tad. They did a really good job; and it was nice to help them out. After they braided our hair, Liz translated so we could talk to them and learn a little bit about them. They are both still in high school; one is 19 and the other girl is 22. We each gave them five dollars for braiding our hair which is a typical day’s wages.

Dave and Anita did devotions tonight and they talked about being thankful. This was very fitting considering how much we really do have to be thankful for. Being in Haiti really brings out thankfulness. We see so many people who have hardly anything, but they still take so much pride in what they have.

Unfortunately for us girls, we got incredibly sunburned riding on the tap-tap to the waterfall. None of us put sunscreen on before we left and we all regret it. We have only applied Aloe Vera like 65 times since 4:30. Good thing we still have a day and a half to get even more sunburned before we return to the -2321234 degree weather in Iowa.

Still written by yours truly,
Rylie, Carli, Brenna, and Abby

Entering the cave In the cave Inside the cave Group in the cave

You can catch up on the teams 3rd and 4th day here.